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Clazzio is a leather seat cover that goes over the existing seat without removing the original cloth. It is completely different from upholstery replacements, but once it is installed on the seats, nobody can tell that it is a seat cover.

Clazzio is the best seat cover for those who:

Want to upgrade the seats;

Want to protect new seats;

Want to renew old seats.

Our leather inserts are 100% genuine leather. We use only the finest line of fabrics and leather to ensure customer satisfaction. Our installation is a breeze compared to other major brands without sacrificing quality. On average a consumer would spend nearly one thousand dollars on a comparable leather kit that will take two to three days to install. Clazzio is the same quality leather that literally just slips over your factory seats. Most install kits purchased through our site will take about two to three hours to install for half the cost of other major brands.

How to find the right car leather seat cover?

When you own a car you are careful about choosing the best items for it. Not only making sure that your car is running smoothly, but it is also important to maintain every part with high-quality materials. Sometimes it is vital to get the car checked from professionals every quarter so that your car does not run into problems. To maintain the shape of the car, you should invest in the best of everything. One of the important yet overlooked parts of the car is the car seats.

Most car owners know the importance of using car seat covers and bank on the leather seat covers. It is a fact that leather seat covers are the safest way to secure your car seats. Choosing the right car leather cover can be challenging for the ones who do not know anything about the seat covers. The market is filled with a range of seat covers made of different materials. So we have put together a buying guide to help you pick the right seat cover for your car. You need to consider the best leather for the seat covers as they will enhance the interiors of the car and car seats.

You need to take care of these things while purchasing the next leather seat cover for your car:

Measure the car seats:

The very first thing that you need to do to get the perfect seat cover is to measure the seats. Every car seat is different so are their sizes, therefore it is essential to measure it correctly and know the exact shape and type of the seat. You can visit the store around you to find out the different options around you. A lot of seat covers are smaller than the dimensions mentioned in the packaging. With Clazzio seat covers you do not have to worry about all this as every seat cover is tailor-made for the specific model of the car.

Check the style:

As you already know there are a lot of styles already available in the market. Once you start checking out the seat covers you will know how confusing it is. You need to know which style fits your car seat as well as suits you for driving.


Once you know which style is best for you, you can pick the color of the leather that matches the rest of the interior of your car. You can mix and match as well to beautify your car.

Clazzio Leather Seat Covers

Leather seat covers for vehicles are needed because car seats can be a lot messy. You don’t want to embarrass your passengers, right?

That’s only one of the simple reasons why you should install a leather seat cover for your car.

Before you install these seat covers, you must understand why protecting it is necessary.

Why You Need to Protect Your Car Seat Using Leather Seat Covers for Vehicles

There are a lot of valid reasons, but in this section, we will only include some of them.

Resell Value: You won’t know when you’ll be needing to sell your car. Whatever your reason will be, it is a great asset that any person could have, and we can also say that it is an investment. Leather seat covers for vehicles are essential for protecting your car’s resale value.

A car seat without leather protection would suffer from tearing anytime soon. A car’s interior plays a significant role when it comes to increasing or maintaining your car’s resale value, so be sure to take care of it.

Protection from liquid: It isn’t taboo for car owners to bring in drinks inside their car. Instead, we can see it as a convenient way to consume beverages because of how easy you can buy them these days. However, it isn’t a safe practice, especially if you still have your open old car seat.

Liquid spills would leave an awful stain to your car seat, and you can’t do anything to remove it. The best thing you can do is to replace it, which would cost you a lot of money.

Installation of leather seat covers for vehicles may help prevent this disaster.

Characteristics to Consider When Buying Leather Seat Covers for Vehicles

To have the best car seat cover in town, you must have a checklist of features. Here are some to get you started.

  • Durable: You need to have a seat cover that would last. The emergence of cheap and low-quality covers are increasing nowadays, so you should be observant when buying. These affordable products are notorious for being weak.

You should find a trusted distributor like Clazzio to make sure that the product that you will buy is durable. It is also essential to know the lifespan of a particular product mainly because leather seat covers are something you would use for a very long period.

  • Design: The design of a seat cover must always go in-sync with your car interior. Think of it as an unspoken rule when it comes to picking seat covers. You won’t also like it when your seat cover doesn’t match your car interior in any way.

There are some methods you can do to pick the right design and colour for your car seat cover. The first thing would be researching color palettes. Since you know your car interior color, this one would surely be easy.

Another thing you can do when it comes to design is going for the minimalistic route. In this way, you can also save a lot of cash.

Choosing Between Universal Cover Type and Customized Cover Type

Now you’ll have a chance to determine what’s the best type you can get depending on many factors.

Universal Cover Type

This one is the standard type you can see in any interior. Its mostly associated with being minimalist and straightforward. It is also famous for its easy install feature that is perfect for beginners or first-time seat cover installers.


Universal seat cover type is a lot cheaper when compared to the other option, the customized type. A lot of car owners choose this one because of its lower cost. By doing so, they can spend excess cash on more car improvements.

The low costs are made possible by the nature of the type itself. It can fit almost any car seat type, that’s why many manufacturers can mass-produce their version.

Another thing that makes it easier to have a universal type is that it is widely available. In most places, the stocks are very high, which is more than enough to meet the demands of car owners.

You can also buy it online through dealers like Clazzio, for instance.

It’s easy to install feature opens another opportunity for car owners to swap their seat covers into another car. It means that reselling is entirely possible.


There are some cases where universal seat covers can’t fit perfectly to car seats. It is a let down to some people who are expecting to cover their entire place with this type.

As aforementioned, this type is prone to not fitting correctly, which opens up to another problem to your car seat. Friction may occur because of the problem and could cause more wearing and tearing to the car seat underneath.

Customized Cover Type

The possibilities that you can have when it comes to customized cover type is limitless. If you have a lot of budgets allocated for your car, then this one is the perfect type that you should be getting.


It is 100% sure that this type will fit your car seats because it is manufactured for your car seats mainly. Unlike the universal standard, this one requires the dimensions or sizes of your car seats to proceed.

Custom cover type manufacturers are also considering a lot of things more than the design and sizes. It includes headrests, armrests, and the critical airbag system.

Materials in use are all in top shape.


The custom cover type is expensive because of its components that are needed to get that premium feel. It could even surpass your expectations, so if you’re eyeing to get one, make sure that you have enough budget.

While the universal type is known for its easy install feature, the custom type, on the other hand, is notorious for its complicated installation process. Most of the time, car owners who avail of this type hires professional installers to save time and effort.

You’ll surely find yourself taking a whole afternoon if you try to install a custom cover type by yourself.

Seat covers are essential accessories needed by your car as protection and added design. Choosing what’s the best type to avail is a hard task; that’s why we hope that this article helps you with your choices. Leather seat covers for vehicles is a good buy nevertheless.

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