The seat cover industry has progressed tremendously in the last two decades or so. The very first kind of seat covers that were introduced were like leaf bags. Loose-fitting and flimsy material was a headache.

Luckily, with computer-aided design and new methods of production, modern seat covers of top-notch quality can be made. Such seat covers can be custom-made according to the specifications of the customer. Nowadays the seat covers are so good that people do not even realize that they are add-ons.

Due to higher quality materials, covers stay firm in their fitting and as a result, you will find no folds and creases even after heavy use. Clazzio is one such brand that provides you with high-quality leather seat covers that you can rely on.

The aim of installing the seat cover is to protect the material of the seat. Leather, like all other fabrics, is vulnerable to damage. Plenty of people use seat covers to protect the leather on the seat from the UV rays of the sun. These rays are not only harmful to humans but also for your seats.

Surprising? Such rays tend to dry the leather, which in turn, causes cracks to appear in your seat. This also fades the color of your seat making them look old. Moreover, such rays can also cause micro-tears making the fabric fragile and weak.

The same is applicable to a typical fabric seat. Besides, there are various reasons as to why your seat needs protection. Spillage of beverages is an atrocity. A seat cover would prevent stains and keep your car nice and clean.

Now that we have established that seat covers are important, let us look at how you can find the best seat cover.

Do you want your car to look luxurious? Perhaps you wanted a leather interior but could not get one because you found it expensive. Or perhaps you were not aware that one can easily transform his dull cloth seat covers.

Whatever the reason may be, be it comfort, luxury, or style, leather seats will always have an upper hand over the conventional seat covers

Leather seat covers are usually preferred over ordinary fabric covers. This is because of the superior properties of leather. Leather provides the touch of class to your car. It gives you a rich and luxurious look to the car.

Apart from this, leather has a tendency to not absorb liquids. This is extremely helpful for those of you all who have kids. It is easier to clean leather cover seats as they do not absorb liquids. Therefore, you need not panic the next time you drop orange juice on your seat.

The best way to make your car glamourous is by getting it upholstered. However, the cost of the upholstering is quite high. It may get out of the budget of those who simply want to protect their seats.

So how can one achieve protection and pizazz at a reasonable rate? Clazzio helps you achieve this.

How much does it cost to cover seats in leather?

The upholstering process is a tedious one. A lot of labor is required to remove the current upholstery and install a new one. This is the main reason as to why upholstering car seats can go out of your budget.

There is no fixed price and price varies from place to place. It depends on the car too. Most of the upholstery shops will ask for more details about the car and may even want to see the car before taking on the job.

Nonetheless, to give you a rough estimate, it costs $1300 in New York to get leather upholstery. Whereas in San Diego, one seat would require up to $375.

The reupholstering idea is not going to do your pocket any good. This is where Clazzio comes into play. Clazzio provides seat covers that need not be reupholstered. Their seat covers go over the existing seat without having to remove the current upholstery. The cost is minimal and way less than the re-upholstering process.

How much does it cost to get leather seats installed in your car?

Getting leather seats installed rather than buying cars with leather seats is cheaper. For example, Toyota RAV4 2018 will cost you $24,510. However, if you upgrade for leather seats, the same car will cost you $28,890.

That is a lot of money just for leather seats and a few other features that you do not care for. So you basically pay $4000 for leather seats. A much easier and cheaper solution is to get aftermarket seats.

These aftermarket leather seats are good in quality with a wide range of patterns and colors to choose from. Many dealers provide such seats and they do the entire process of removal and installation of seats.

You can also get cool upgrades to your aftermarket seats. For instance, you can get heated seats that will keep you warm.

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