Clazzio Installation Guide

Last Update Nov 2, 2022 @ 5:12 pm

Want to convert your cloth interior to leather within an hour? Well, Clazzio is your solution! With its smart and unique installation kit, this seat cover is made to help you in simple and easy installation.

A hectic task while transforming your car seats is the removal of the old worn-out cover. But, in this case, you just have to slip-on the Clazzio leather seat covers and simply tuck them over your seats without even removing the seats.

No need for any extravagant tools or even any professional helper.

But how are you going to do it? Well, go ahead; here comes the Clazzio Installation guide.

What’s included?

First things first. Here’s what is included in the installation kit of the Clazzio Seat Covers.

  • Velcro Straps
  • Belts
  • Elastic Straps
  • Plastic Hooks
  • Spatula

What’s required?

The installation process of the Clazzio Seat covers requires the following tools and accessories apart from the installation kit of the product.

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Trim Panel tool

As stated earlier, no other special tool or equipment is required at all to apply the Clazzio covers over your seats.

How much time will it normally take?

Different vehicles have different number and design of seats, and thus, it requires different time periods for installing the cover in each case.


Car Minimum Time Consumption
Kei-cars 2 hours
Compact cars (2 rows) 2.5 hours
M size 3-row vehicles 3 hours
L size 3-row vehicles 3.5 hours
Sedan 3 hours
Sedan (Rear power seat) 3.5 hours

Though the average time consumption for this process is pretty low, yet following the instructions strictly will play a major role in reducing the installation time significantly.

How to install Clazzio seat covers?

Assuming that you have bought the suitable Clazzio seat cover for your car, now, comes the main point, below are the major steps involved in the simple process of installation of Clazzio car seat covers.

  1. Spread out all the seat covers after unboxing them. Organize them as top and bottom parts.
  2. Prefer to put on the bottom cover first as it will be much easier while folding it up till the backrest.
  3. Fix the bottom cover on the seat and tuck it all around to cover it tightly and smoothly.
  4. While winding it around the bottom, make sure that the seatbelts are not trapped inside the cover.
  5. Now, move towards the back of the seat. Attach the straps from underneath the seat to the other part of the cover.
  6. Put the top-cover from the top of the seat by smoothly sliding it over the backrest. The cover is specially designed to stay very tight and stable and would thus, require some additional force.
  7. Gently open headrest attachment through the cover holes. Avoid doing it forcibly as this might tear the holes.
  8. Tuck in the seat flaps underneath this cover. Slide the cover down till the seat junction. Attach the seat Velcro with the bottom part of the backrest cover using the Velcro straps included in the kit.
  9. Move to the front of the seat. Now, place the additional section of the top part into the seat junction using the Velcro strap. You may adjust the seat angle as per your convenience.
  10. Apply the cover to the headrest and thereafter attach it with the rest of the seat. Use the plastic hooks in this process.
  11. Move your hand steadily throughout the cover so as to remove out all the air trapped inside the cover.

That’s all! These were some very obvious, basic and simple steps involved in installing the Clazzio Seat Covers. You may follow the instruction manual for even more clarity.

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