Clazzio Seats

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If you are fed up with the upholstery of your truck or car cabin and want to give it a new look, I would suggest having a look at Clazzio seat covers. Clazzio seat covers come in a wide range. Brand Clazzio enjoys unparalleled goodwill in seat covers arena owing to their superior quality. Eleven International Co., Ltd., a Japanese company, owns the Clazzio brand name. Its U.S.A. branch, Eleven International USA, Inc, Cerritos, California, looks after its operations in the USA. The company deals in a lot of automobile parts and accessories, including seat covers. The Clazzio seat covers are prepared in its world-class manufacturing units in India, China, Japan, and the USA. The Clazzio seat covers give you the best value for your money. Here are some benefits of the Clazzio seat covers.


Genuine Claims

Clazzio makes seat covers with different types of materials viz. Leather, Vinyl, Suede, Nappa, PVC, and some more. It does not make any false claims about the material but gives genuine facts to the customers about the material of the seat covers.

Superior Quality

The Clazzio uses superior quality materials to make the seat covers to give you maximum comfort. Besides, these covers remain durable for a long time.

Installation Time

Clazzio seat covers take only two to three hours for the installation, while other brands may take two to three days.

Air Bag functions

The Clazzio seat covers have a special design. It does not let these covers to interfere with the functions of the airbags, in case of any eventuality.

Easily Washable

These covers are washable by machine or hand. You can remove and reinstall covers very easy to wash.

No Absorption

These seat covers do not absorb any liquid. If you accidentally spill coffee or tea on those, you can easily wipe the stain with the cloth.



The Clazzio seat covers are available in multiple designs. They have different designs for different types of vehicles. These designs can be simple, comfortable, or glamorous. You can choose from various designs for the rear, front, or cabin seats.

No Interference with original seat Functions

The Clazzio designs the seat covers in such a manner that those do not interfere with the original functions of seat components such as armrests, headrests, seat belts, etc. It also provides pockets at the back of front seats for the magazines etc.

Easy Installation designs

The designs of these seat covers make their installation very easy. You can easily install those at your end.

Custom designs

You spend maximum travel time in the interior of your vehicle. You can have custom made Clazzio seat covers for your vehicle. With these covers, you can choose design and colors as per your liking.

Improve Interior

This seat covers enhance the appearance of the interior of your vehicle owing to their quality and fancy designs.

Protect Seats

The Clazzio seat-covers protect the seats of your vehicle for a longer period. These covers save seats from any damage from pets, tools or liquids, and enhance the shelf life of seats.

After Sales Service

Eleven International provides after-sales repair service, and make the available parts and seat fabrics to help you to use the seat covers for a longer duration.


Eleven International provides a warranty for these seat covers against defects in materials and manufacturing defects for three years from the date of original retail purchase.

Final Thoughts

These are some benefits that you will get if you install the Clazzio seat covers in your car or truck. Clazzio seat covers are the best seat covers available in the market. Because, it is the commitment of the Eleven International Co., Ltd to produce world-class products

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