Protection from stains? Do want comfort, style, durability and a tight fit?  Seems like a lot to ask for in a seat cover but buyers of Clazzio seat covers say you can get all that in their state of the art, custom fitting leather and PVC quilted seat covers. The PVC double-stitched diamond pattern quilted seat covers are engineered to give you comfort with air flow from the quilting that is built into the cover on the seat and headrest.  The soft, plush seat covers give a sense of luxury. Clazzio covers are made to fit tightly onto your existing car seats and are easy to apply.  The PVC quilted covers come in a variety of colors. Available PVC seat cover colors are Black, Gray, Light Gray, Beige and Ivory.

The Clazzio perforated leather seat cover is designed for style, comfort and durability. Clazzio leather seat covers are their number one seller since 2009.

Clazzio stocks their own inventory offering exclusive kits and colors found nowhere else in the industry.

Clazzio offers ½ inch thick memory foam, making the Clazzio seat covers buyer’s preferred factory fitting, custom seat cover brand.  There are different material options to choose, like Nappa, Leather, Vinyl, Quilted and PVC. The company offers a 3-year warranty on their covers and even have a customer service team dedicated to you having your best experience.

Cleaning and Conditioning

Clazzio seat covers are easy to clean and will last years. Using the Clazzio brand leather conditioner will give you years of comfort. The seat covers are genuine leather in one style only that’s perforated. The seat bottom material is also water resistant, which holds the water, giving you time to clean off the seats before moisture gets through to the original set underneath.

Five-Star Customer Rating

Clazzio seat covers have a five-star customer rating, making these the highest rated seat covers in the industry. The high customer satisfaction rating is based on fitness, durability, color options and comfort.  When you want a stylish, durable seat cover option look no further than Clazzio online.  Clazzio has offered high quality seat covers since 2009. The product is amazing. They fit and feels and looks better than alternative leather seat covers. I would recommend these to anyone who driving a truck, or has kids, and looking for an affordable solution.

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