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Perforated Leather 

Your Chevy Silverado is a great pick-up truck – it’s incredibly sturdy and it looks fantastic, too. You want seats that are stellar in appearance and are comfortable, too. That’s what Clazzio Perforated Leather seats can do for you.

You may wonder why this is the only style we offer. That’s because ever since we opened over a decade ago, it’s been our bestseller.

Why Perforated?

Our kit will draw people’s attention to your seats… and they will marvel at how good they look. Do you drive in hot weather? You’ll be comfortable while while also waving goodbye to sticky seats.

We haven’t forgotten about cold-weather drivers. Our heated seating kits are perfect for frigid days.

How Durable Is It?

We have no doubt that our kits can withstand a lot. Our confidence is so high that we offer a three-year warranty. Check out our warranty details for more info.

Is The Whole Seat Leather? 

Our kits only cover the middle of the seat, which is where you sit, the back, and the bottom. The reason for that is that you are buying a seat cover, not a seat replacement. This also allows for the tightest fit.

What Is The Body and Headrests Made Out Of? 

When designing these, our goal was to give our customers three things: a seat cover that is durable, has a unique texture, and looks great. Our high-quality PVC helps us achieve that. The seats will look like they came out of the factory.

How Thick Are The Seat Covers?

Comfort is important… and that is why we added a ½ inch of memory foam. You can ride all day and still feel good when you leave the car.

How Do I Install The Seat Covers?

An average installation time is usually two to three hours. You may need to allow more time to cut the PVC to fit certain areas of the seat.

Need some guidance? Check these out:

Can I Have a Trained Professional Install My Seats?

Your time is valuable. You can have a professional install it. Just call (310) 347-6990 to locate a nearby authorized Clazzio Dealer.

Budget for between $100-$500. The cost depends on what the vehicle type and whether you are also having a heated seating kit installed.

How Do I Keep The Leather Clean?

This will be very inexpensive. All you need is a damp rag to wipe it down. You can put a leather conditioning wipe on it once a year.

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