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Dodge Ram Perforated Leather

You use your Dodge Ram for EVERYTHING and you want to treat it right. You also want to be comfortable while driving. It would be a good idea to consider the Clazzio Perforated Leather seat cover kit. 

People have bought this style kit from us for over a decade and it’s why we only offer that particular one. 

Why Perforated?

If you want people to notice your seats, the perforated leather is just the thing for that. You will feel physically cool too while sitting, even if the thermometer outside is triple digits. 

What if you live in a place where it gets really cold a lot? Our heated seating kits are perfect for keeping your rear end toasty. 

How Durable Is It? 

We trust our products to stand up to a lot… and we believe that so much that we offer a three-year warranty. Check out our warranty details for more info. 

Is The Whole Seat Leather?

In a word: No. The reason for that is that you’re buying a seat cover, not a replacement seat. The kit fits the middle of the seat, the back, and the bottom. 

What Is The Body and Headrests Made Out Of?

Our goal was to make a seat cover that looks great, is durable, and has a great texture. That means we use high-quality PVC. It looks so good that you would imagine that the seats are just out of the car manufacturer. 

How Thick Are The Seat Covers?

When it came to designing these, we wanted to make them as comfortable as possible. Hence our adding ½ inch of memory foam to make your rear feel good while driving. 

How Do I Install The Seat Covers?

The average install time for this is roughly two to three hours. You may need to cut the PVC to fit in certain areas of the seat. 

Need some guidance? Check these out: 

Can I Have a Trained Professional Install My Seats?

You see yourself as capable, but there are some tasks that are better suited for a professional. Want to find one? Just call 855-CLAZZIO to locate a nearby authorized Clazzio Dealer. 

The price tag is between $100-$500 depending on your vehicle and if there are additions, like the heated seating kit. 

How Do I Keep The Leather Clean?

This part can be quite inexpensive. A damp rag can be used to wipe it down. You can get a leather conditioning wipe and do that yearly. 

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