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Perforated Leather

When you get a kit for your Scion, you get genuine perforated leather. This is our only style due to it being the most popular one since our decade-plus in the business. 

Why Perforated?

You may be wondering about this. No matter how hot the weather is, your body will adapt well to the perforated leather. The days of worrying about “sticking” to your seat are over. 

On the other hand, our heated seating kits are excellent at keeping you warm during cold days. 

How Durable Is It? 

We are so confident in the durability of our genuine leather kits that we will give you a three-year warranty. Be sure to look at our warranty details to learn more. 

Is The Whole Seat Leather?

Our kits fit the middle of your Scion’s seat (where you sit), the seat back and the bottom. We can’t do the entire seat because it would compromise how tightly the kit could fit. You are getting a seat cover, not a replacement. 

What Is The Body and Headrests Made Out Of?

We use our high-quality PVC to make the bodies of our seat covers. The combination of its durability, leathery texture and look makes it a winner. Its stretchability makes for tight-fitting covers, which makes it look like it came right out of the car manufacturer. 

How Thick Are The Seat Covers?

We make sure that our covers are comfortable due to the ½ inch of memory foam. This will give you added cushioning. You will notice the difference from other kits after a long drive. 

How Do I Install The Seat Covers?

You should expect to spend around two hours, possibly three. There are some vehicles where you need to cut the PVC around seat pieces like the lumbar support knob or the control panel for the power seat. 

Here are some resources for tips and instructional videos:

Can I Have a Trained Professional Install My Seats?

Some things would be better done by a professional. You can call us at 855-CLAZZIO, and see if we have a nearby authorized Clazzio Dealer. Typically, the costs range between $100-$500, depending on what vehicle you bring in and whether you choose a heated seat install. 

How Do I Keep The Leather Clean?

It’s very easy. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe off the leather. You can use a Leather Conditioning Wipe once a year. 

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