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Choosing Our Perforated PVC Seat Covers

If you’re trying to add to the look of your interior, perforated PVC is a nice alternative. It’s easy to use and has a comfortable feel that makes it better for riding around in. Check out some things about having perforated PVC seat covers.

Why Choose Perforated PVC?

Perforated PVC is great for allowing the seat to breathe, which has a cooling factor for your body. You won’t have to worry about the hot sun burning up your seat.  However, you can choose heated seats on chilly days.

Another reason why you should choose PVC is that it’s “vegan friendly.” A PVC seat cover is perfect for people that are into the vegan lifestyle and want fewer materials from animals. However, the quality isn’t like leather.

We don’t offer a warranty on full PVC seat covers, but we do guarantee fitment.  If you’re looking for a warranty and more durability, then consider upgrading to our leather kits. The leather kits also have a 1-year warranty in place.

Is the Whole Seat Cover Perforated PVC?

In this case, you’ll get a full seat of PVC. The body is made of smooth PVC. The insert (middle, back, and bottom of the seat) is made of perforated PVC. Even though the material isn’t leather, it still fits like a glove.

Not to mention, we focus on how it relaxing it feels to the driver. The material is also good if you have to put it on display when you’re showing off your car. It adds a layer of suaveness to your interior.

The Thickness of the PVC Seat Covers

You want a combination of material that makes it feel like you won’t just slip through it. However, you don’t want something bulky and uncomfortable. Luckily, we use a 1/2 inch thick memory foam that allows both cushion and comfort.

If you’re stuck in gridlock traffic for an hour or have a long drive ahead of you out of state, your behind will be comfortable in the seat. You won’t feel as fatigued after being in your vehicle for a long time.

How to Install the Seat Covers

The best thing to do is to pick an empty Saturday morning where you can dedicate some time to install the seat covers. Installing the seat covers usually takes 2-3 hours with most vehicles. You should also consider the shape of the seat cover because that plays a part in the installation process.

You may have to cut around the perforated PVC around certain seat pieces, such as the Lumbar Support Knob, or the Power Seat Control Panel.  If you run into any problems or just need some assistance installing your seat covers, check out our Facebook page or video page for more details.

Can I Hire a Professional to Install My Seats?

If you need someone to help you with the seat installation, we have professionals that do all of the work. Just make sure you’re near one of our locations. Give us a call at (310) 347-6990 for any questions about our installation services.

Also, we can direct you to your nearest Authorized Clazzio Dealer to help you get your seat covers installed. Our price ranges from $100 to $500. Depending on the vehicle type and if you want to install heated seat covers, the price will be on the higher end.

How to Keep the PVC Clean?

You don’t have to get too technical with big cleaning solutions. Make sure you use a damp cloth to wipe your PVC seat covers. Since the material of PVC is smooth and plastic, it’ll make things easier to clean over time.

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