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Picking Our Quilted Leather Seat Covers

Quilted leather adds a nice shape and texture to your vehicle. Pick something that looks classy with the right color from black to ivory. Also, it costs a bit less than your typical leather seat covers. Here are some things about our quilted leather seat covers.

Why Do We Double Stitch?

In using quilted leather, it’s a good idea to double stitch to give more strength to the seat insert. Not to mention, there’s a slightly puffy diamond effect that happens.

One, this looks pretty dynamic especially with the color and design of your vehicle. Two, it allows air to circulate around your body, which is important for staying cool. This comes in handy on humid days where your car easily heats up.

If you’re the type of person that likes the heat in the winter, you may want to purchase our heated seat kits.

Our quilted PVC is high-quality and durable. We offer a 1-year warranty on any quilted PVC seat cover.

The Piping

Piping is an ornamental thin tubular strip of upholstery that surrounds your seat cushion and seat back in place of stitching. Not only does this have a retro feel, but it’s a good way to secure your stitching. We have different colors, such as black, gray, light gray, beige, and ivory to give it your unique style.

Is the Whole Seat Quilted?

No. The insert and the headrest are quilted. This consists of the middle, back, and bottom of the seat. We do this to help make the covers fit tightly over the original seat.

Remember, we don’t replace the seat. We use the seat cover to help maximize what you already have on your seats to give it a better look overall.

What Material Do You Use for the Body and Headrests?

We use high-quality PVC for the body of the seat. The main reasons why we do this are due to the durability and the leather texture and look of it. PVC helps to stretch the material for a more snug fit.

The result is presenting a more factory quality appeal rather than looking like you got it from a retail store. You’ll enjoy this more because the seats will look more authentic and feel comfortable. A loose look just feels sloppy and shows that you don’t care much about your interior.

How Thick Are the Seat Covers?

We go for comfort when it comes to how thick we like our seat covers. Trust us when we say that you’ll enjoy sitting in our 1/2 inch thick memory foam. Whether you’re about to go on a road trip or just taking your morning drive to your job or school, you’ll be riding in something you’ll like to sit down on.

The cushion and comfort have a factory fit that makes you feel like you got it straight from your car dealership.

Seat Cover Installation

The average vehicle will take 2-3 hours for this type of installation. Not to mention, certain seats do require cutting the PVC to get an exact fit around seat pieces, such as the Lumbar Support Knob, or the Power Seat Control panel. We have tips and instructional videos on this installation on our Facebook and video page.  

Can I Get An Expert to Install the Seats?

It all depends on your location. If you have any questions, you can always contact 855-CLAZZIO. Also, we can direct you to a nearby Authorized Clazzio Dealer to help you with the installation.

Prices may range from $100 to $500. It depends on the type of vehicle you own and if you want a heated seat installation.

Keeping the Quilted PVC Clean

Just use a damp cloth to wipe down your quilted PVC seat covers.

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