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We use an artificial suede material because some people don’t like the look and feel of leather. Suede has a nice and soft texture to it that people like for their interiors. Not to mention, it’s also cheaper than leather. Here are several things to know about our suede seat covers.

Why Do We Use Suede?

Our artificial suede is durable and helps you stay cool in the heat. It’s better than leather in the summer because it doesn’t feel like you leave a sweaty mess. Additionally, it doesn’t feel piping hot because the seats won’t absorb the heat.

Think of getting heated seat covers if you live in a cooler climate. The high-quality feel of the seat covers appeals to drivers. Not to mention, you’ll feel more suave having this texture in your car.

Our suede is high-quality and durable. Contact us for details about our 1-year warranty plan on suede seat covers.

Is the Whole Seat Suede?

Nope. Just the insert is made of suede. The insert includes the middle, back, and bottom of the seat. The key reason we have the suede material in the insert is so the cover fits more snug over your car seat.

Our goal isn’t for a seat replacement. Rather, we give you a nice seat cover to enhance the look of your current seats.

What Material Do You Use for the Body and Headrests?

We use high-quality PVC for the body of the seat. While it isn’t the typical leather material, the durability is great and the texture feels like leather. Also, the PVC adjusts better to the shape of the seat.

By having the material adjust more, you get a more appealing factory look. You don’t have the cheap look that would you get from just buying it at a local store. Not to mention, you’ll take more pride in the interior because it has a sharper look.

Additionally, you’ll take pride because your car feels more authentic and comfortable when you drive it to your destination.

How Thick Are the Seat Covers?

As said before, comfort is key when it comes to seat covers. We like to use memory foam that’s 1/2 inch thick. This makes it perfect for driving on a long trip out of town or if you’re stuck in rush traffic. You won’t complain as much because your behind will be more comfortable in the seat.

Additionally, the seat has a factory fit, which gives you cushion and comfort. It’ll make you feel as if you got your seat cover from a reliable dealership instead of some cheap after-market place.

How Do I Install the Seat Covers?

The time it takes to install seat covers on most vehicles is between 2-3 hours. You also have to take into consideration that certain seats may require cutting the PVC in a specific way for the best fit. You might have seat pieces, such as the Lumbar Support Knob, or the Power Seat Control panel that need a certain cut to fit well.

In case you need some direction for installing seat covers, you can take a look at the tips and instructional videos on our Facebook and video page.

Can I Get a Professional to Put In My Seats?

Yes, but it all depends on the location. Do you have any questions? Please contact 855-CLAZZIO. Additionally, we can direct you to a nearby Authorized Clazzio Dealer to help you install the seats.

The price may vary from $100 to $500 depending on your vehicle type and if you need a heated seat installation.

Keeping the Suede Clean

Use a damp cloth with warm water to wipe down your suede seat covers. International aero products also has a product called “spot” which is great for cleaning up the suede.

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