Acura has spent 35 years on building cars with high levels of passion having their main focus on performance. This has been achieved when both the driver and machine work together in unity. The design in each car works with precision and enhances efficiency, giving the driver the freedom to drive anywhere and everywhere in confidence.

The Origins Of Acura

Honda Motor Company, Ltd. owns and builds Acura cars. Due to restrictions on exports laid out by the Japanese government during the 1980s, exporting automobiles became expensive for Japanese automakers. It was financially more beneficial for automakers to export high-end vehicles. Acura then became Honda’s first luxury car company in the year 1986.

Does Acura Use Real Leather?

Acura’s interior is made from perforated Milano leather for a soft touch and has great durability. It has a pebble-grain texture created on a thicker base material. Such stylish, high-quality leather offers a heated and cooling ventilation design to regulate temperature.

Are Acura Leather Seat Covers Worth It?

Leather seat covers are the more luxurious option for cars. This material is more expensive and therefore a more luxurious option in comparison to the fabric. It gives both a lush feel and appearance to the interior of a vehicle. Some other advantages are that it is both smell- and stain-resistant and is therefore easier to clean. If you spill coffee or greasy food on the seat, there is no need to worry about leaving a permanent stain. This is also helpful when messy kids or pets are around. The response to a change in temperature is also better than fabric.

How Do I Clean My Acura Leather Seat Covers?

There are several ways to do so. Dirt and debris can be quite damaging to leather, so vacuuming the seats regularly can help prevent that. Another option is to use a pH-neutral cleaning solution along with a microfiber cloth and soft-bristled brush to carefully clean the leather. Extra care is needed on perforated seats to avoid getting the cleaning solution inside of perforations. Conditioning seats with a leather conditioner prevents the leather from cracking. Another way to protect the leather is by keeping it out of direct sunlight, so it’s best to always park the car in a shaded area.

What Are Some Of The Key Features & Benefits Of An Acura Leather Seat Cover?

The Acura seat covers are customizable allowing them to fit like a glove for full seat coverage. They have foam-backed comfort as well as storage pockets on the rear of the front seats known as buckets. Cover for the headrests, armrests, and console are all separately applicable. The tear-away is hidden, which keeps seat airbags safe. Access to factory seat features remains and child safety anchors are in no way obstructed. There is also compatibility with heated or cooled seats.

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