Leather Seat Installation Guide

Last Update Nov 2, 2022 @ 5:11 pm

One might put off the idea of buying a seat cover as it requires an expert to install and maintain them. What if we tell you that Clazzio seat covers need less than an hour of your time to install and uninstall in your car? Each Clazzio seat cover is designed specifically for every model keeping in mind every detail of the car. 

Clazzio removes the hassle of removing the original seat cloth before installing the seat cover. Clazzio seat covers slip easily over the existing and original seat in just a few simple steps. These seat covers are not upholstery replacements rather just cover to your seats. But after installation, it is hard to tell that they are covers as they fit perfectly on your seats

Tips for installing the Clazzio seat covers:

  • Depending on the model of the car Clazzio has seat covers that attach with Velcro, elastic straps, belts or their original “plastic hook”. Every seat cover comes with an instruction manual with detailed photographs to ensure an easy and clean installation. 
  • The seat covers may seem tight initially but if installed as per the instructions should fit smoothly on the car seat. 
  • Apply even force to the entire car seat cover as the excess force on one part of the cover may damage the entire product. 
  • Clazzio seat covers slide on the original seats so it is important to pull them carefully on the seats. 
  • The upper portion of the backrest covers come with headrest holes that do not fit easily. They need a little strength and technique to be applied. If excess force is applied then the cover may tear from the holes. 
  • Utmost attention is needed while installing the covers to avoid getting injured when you come into contact with any sharp plastic or metal part of the car seat.
  • The manual has a specified order for installing the seat covers that should be followed properly. 
  • It is recommended to turn off the lights while installation and not leave the doors open for long. This may lead to the battery getting discharged quickly. You should be careful as well not to affect the electrical wires on car audio system.
  • The seat covers are sewn with a special thread on the sides of every backrest for the side airbags. This thread breaks easily during emergencies so excessive force should not be applied to this area during installation. 

While it is easy to put on the Clazzio seat covers by yourself, you can also reach out to a professional for installation. 

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