Estimating the value of a car isn’t always easy. Sure, the mileage it has and the year it was built are all objective signs on which we base our evaluation. But you’d be surprised how some seemingly small things can substantially change how we perceive and value a specific car. This article will outline these seemingly small things and give you easy ways to upgrade your car to make it look luxurious.

Easy ways to upgrade your car to make it look luxurious

The following features are all add-ons to your car that will make it look more expensive. They do not include large-scale changes like engine improvements or complex tech add-ons. Instead, these are pretty simple and relatively inexpensive add-ons that stand to improve your car. Suppose you are solely adding these things because you feel that they will enhance the look of your car; great. But, if you are adding them because you wish to sell your car for a higher price, there is something that you need to keep in mind.

These add-ons on their own won’t magically make your care more valuable. What they will do is add the wow factor and make your car more appealing to potential buyers. So, before you make any changes, try to first consider what your future buyer will be like. By doing so, you will get a better idea of what add-ons will actually add selling value to your car. Now, without further ado, here is our pick of simple add-ons that will upgrade your car to make it look luxurious.

Get window tints

Window tints can go a long way in making your car look more luxurious. As cars age, their windows tend to show signs. To cover these up, you can easily use window tints. These will not only make your car look newer but will also protect the passengers from UV light. As a rule, tinted windows do make a car look more luxurious as they shine more and provide more privacy. And seeing that you can even apply DIY window tinting, your should at least consider it.

Get car seat covers

One of the first things people will notice once they open your car door is the seat covers. Old, worn-out seat covers will give your car a cheap look. And even if you have top-quality seats, know that they will show their age the older they get. Luckily, the solution is simple and inexpensive. Get car seat covers. There are plenty of options to choose from. Therefore, you should be able to find some that go well with the interior design of your car. The color, the material, the pattern. All will play a role in how good your car looks. Another option is to get new seats, but this can be expensive. So, if you have no issues with your seats, we would advise you to get seat covers as an inexpensive way to make your car more luxurious.

Upgrade your tires

Old tires equal an old car. If your tires are dirty and worn out, people will assume that your vehicle is in a similar condition. So, if you wish to improve the look of your car, you should upgrade your tires. Now, there are two options when it comes to this. You can choose to enhance the tires that you already have. Or, you can choose to get new ones. If your tires don’t have much wear and tear, you can look to clean them up and mask the stretch marks. Unfortunately, not all tires can be made to look brand new. And if your tires have tangible signs of damage, you can look to replace them. Depending on the quality, you should replace your tires every 6-10 years. So, when the time comes for the following change, consider opting for something that looks a bit more luxurious.

Apply wax

Applying wax is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to make your car look more luxurious. A single wax job can take your car from looking banged up to brand new. Therefore, applying wax before selling your car is a must. If you don’t drive your car much, waxing it once or twice per year should be enough. Even if you plan on selling it, you can apply wax, store your car in LA, and keep it in good shape. If you don’t wish to go through the trouble of DIY wax, you can have a professional do it for as little as $50.

Get a steering wheel cover

A good steering wheel cover can bring a surprising feel of freshens to your car. Keep in mind that while driving, the steering wheel is the part of the car we feel the most. Therefore, if the cover is good quality, we will also assume that the car is. Again, there are tons of design choices to choose from. So, try to pick something that will work well with the interior of your vehicle. Just like car seat covers, steering wheel covers are fairly easy to install. So, give different ones a try before you make your choice.

Add fender flares and spoilers

Spoilers and fender flares are one of the most common add-ons for people that want to make their cars stand out. They are by no means for everyone, as they do bring a distinct sense of style. But, if you do happen to like flares or spoilers, know that they are a fairly inexpensive option.

Additionally, for those who frequently go camping or tow trailers, an electric brake controller may be worth considering as it can provide smoother and more responsive braking compared to traditional hydraulic systems.

Final takeaways

This concludes our list of easy ways to upgrade your car to make it look luxurious. If you feel that some of these can aid you, we advise you to research them and try them out. Everything that we’ve listed will either enhance what your car already has or will add something that can easily be replaced or removed. And some of these solutions make your vehicle look better and improve how you feel sitting in it. So, don’t avoid applying multiple solutions and making your car as luxurious as possible.


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